All of our curtains, fabric blinds and soft furnishings are produced here in our workrooms on Dudbridge Hill by a small team of highly skilled seamstresses. Lesley Duro not only oversees the process but works on the trickier projects personally. As well her production tasks, Lesley is out measuring and installing on Mondays and Saturdays and some mornings and evenings.

She is also the one who greets and assists customers in our showroom. Whilst she thoroughly enjoys meeting and helping customers, it can be time consuming and takes her away from the actual sewing, often affecting the continuity on a particularly intricate piece of needlework.

Another problem, in these Covid aware days, is that we can quite often have two or three different sets of customers mingling at the same time in the showroom.

To avoid all this and so that she can offer each customer her undivided attention, as well as plan her day efficiently, Lesley is asking that anyone who wishes to visit the showroom from now on simply makes an appointment in advance (for the same day if you like) by telephone on 01453 840127 or via e-mail.

Customers and potential customers are always welcometo come and discuss projects, select hardware and choose fabrics from our hundreds of pattern books, but making an appointment will not only make their experience safer and more rewarding, but help us streamline output. It will also avoid a wasted journey if you come here and Lesley is out on an assignment.