Our Terms of Business.

Our terms of business form the basis of our contract with our customers and, as such, we aim to keep  them clear, straightforward and fair.

Here they are:

  1. By issuing a quotation we agree to provide the service described in it and any items as specified in it at the costs detailed with care and skill to our usual high standards.
  2. By accepting our quotation you are agreeing to these terms and the prices quoted.
  3. Our making-up charges include delivery, hanging/installing and dressing if those services are agreed in advance.
  4. Any changes to the specifications described must be agreed in writing and the costing may be either reduced or increased accordingly. You will be advised in advance of any such charges.
  5. Whist we will endeavour to adhere to any agreed completion dates, we cannot be held responsible for any delays caused by circumstances that are out of our control.
  6. If you are supplying your own fabric it is your responsibility to have it delivered to us. We will inspect all fabrics for flaws and advise you if any are found before cutting.
  7. We cannot be held responsible for fabric fading caused by sunlight or for shrinkage to curtains, blinds or soft furnishings that have been steamed, washed. dry-cleaned or exposed to varying humidity.  
  8. Prices quoted for any hardware (poles, tracks etc.) referred to in a quotation are for supply only. 
  9. We will recommend an approved specialist to install any hardware who you will pay directly. The fee shown in a quotation is an estimate of the eventual fee subject to any variances that occur on site.
  10. If you choose to install your own hardware or have it installed by your own contractor we cannot take any responsibility for any failure, faults or other problems that arise out of that installation.
  11. In the unlikely event of a problem with an order, whether our fault or yours, it must be brought to our attention within 30 days of delivery of that order and wherever possible we will rectify it. Thereafter charges may be made for any corrections agreed necessary where we are not at fault. We will not be responsible for any costs involved if you have another contractor make alterations or changes to goods we have made without our agreement.
  12. The full cost of fabrics, other than linings, and hardware we are supplying may be requested in the form of a non-refundable deposit before we will order them or commence work on your project
  13. Should you have a change of mind on fabric or hardware ordered and paid for, the supplier may charge a re-stocking fee for its return which we will have to pass on to you.
  14. The making costs or remainder of them and all other costs and charges are payable on delivery by cheque or credit card or within twenty-four hours if being paid by internet banking. We charge no extra for payment by credit card, but ask that bills exceeding £2,000 are paid on-line.
  15. We request that you, whether the end client or an instructing interior designer, are on site when we deliver and install your goods to approve the finished project at that time.

Cotswold Curtains & Interiors is the trading name of C C & I Ltd.

It is registered in England & Wales number 05443467 and VAT registered 713 6886 15.