Ideally the curtains, wallpapers, chairs and cushions in a room must have a unifying thread in colour and the patterns need to play off each other in terms of scale and proportion. Once we have an idea of how our client visualises their room, we work tirelessly within these principles to source the fabrics and then create curtains, soft furnishings and upholstery to accomplish their vision.

These accompanying photographs show how this works in a traditional country house setting, although the same principles apply in contemporary settings.

The photograph of the bedroom perfectly demonstrates how we skilfully match patterns and colours in a bedspread, headboard and coronet.

In the dining room the same pattern is on the wallpaper and curtains with complementary slip covers to the chairs.

As there is much more going on in the sitting room, there are more combinations. The curtain fabric was the first to be chosen, with the arm chair and some cushions in the same fabric but a different colour and the sofa in a deeper colour (watermelon).