We are pleased to announce that we can supply Sanderson and Zoffany paints to order.

SANDERSON have updated their palette with 50 carefully selected colours to complement their signature wallpaper and fabric designs. There’s something for everyone from modern brights through to chalky mineral shades, inspired by nature and perfect for family living.

Discover all 154 Sanderson paint colours at  stylelibrary.com/sandersonpaint .

The ZOFFANY collection provide  exceptional coverage, outstanding depth of colour and an effortlessly sophisticated palette.

Immerse yourself in the Alchemy of Colour that can be admired at stylelibrary.com/zoffanypaint.

Whether you wish to compliment your Sanderson or Zoffany wallpapers and fabrics or purely for the colours and outstanding quality of these paints, contact us to order either  the paint you have chosen or sample pots to help you finalise that choice.

Sample pots are £5 each (plus postage if ordering 5 or less) .