You will find our work in the homes and offices of government ministers, law lords, top sportsmen and famous actors and musicians. However, the vast majority of our clients aren’t household names, but regular people who will only accept the very best quality workmanship in their home.

Whether you are seeking to treat one window, a room or your whole home, we will work with you to realise your dream and within your budget.

Our private clients initially tend to fall into two categories. Those who know exactly what they want and those who either aren’t sure or haven’t any idea what they want.

For those who know exactly what they want, we give them just that! We may offer advice as to the practicalities of certain aspects of their chosen scheme, but will follow their instructions and do everything in our power to fully satisfy their demands.

For those who aren’t sure or don’t know, we are the perfect answer.

Window treatments have a great impact on the decorating scheme of a room. Depending on the style of the treatment and fabric selected, a window can become a dramatic focal point in a room, or it can blend with the wall treatment, creating a subtle background and allowing the furniture to take centre stage. Choosing and creating curtains and blinds is more than simply matching a fabric to your wall or furniture colours. Certain fabrics lend themselves through pattern and texture to certain styles of window treatment. If you are not using an interior designer, it is our role to help guide you through that selection. We will help you select the fabrics and styles that are right for you.

Firstly we’ll find out what you have in mind, even if it’s in the back of your mind.

Contemporary or traditional? Sophisticated or minimalist? Rustic or chic? Unobtrusive or simply outrageous?

It is your instinct that counts. We will contribute ideas, make suggestions, propose solutions, provide examples on how we have done it before and offer advice on practicalities, but we will never impose any pre-conceived notions.

Finishing any room in your home has never been easier. Cutting edge, classic design and uncompromising quality are a simple e-mail or telephone call away.

I want to thank you again for fixing the blind. After many years of daily use, you would be fully justified in charging for the repair. You repaired it free of charge as a matter of goodwill – that was kind and generous. I want you to know how much that was appreciated by both John and I – a lovely sense of customer care. I am mindful that it cost you time and expense to do a house visit. Your repair may have been quick, but that is not really the point – your quickness was based on years of skill, knowledge and experience. That calls for a bottle of wine the next time you call!
With best wishes, A